Taaibos Hike

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Taaibos Hiking Trail
Near: Vaalwater, North West Province, South Africa
GPS: -24.18518, 27.86453
When: 2005-04-14 to 2005-04-16
Who: Thinus, Stefan, Mariaan, Ester, Joggie, Elizna, Ruan

Taaibos HikeThis is my first hiking/camping trip in a long time. Still some summer left, and the weather turned out great. Joggie, my brother, came with us on this trip, so it was the whole family, with Elizna, my sister included. The whole group was nice, and we met most of the people here for the first time Friday night next to the camp fire.

This is bushveld world, with thorn trees and dry landscape making up most of the scenery, until we saw the cliff! Man, I love cliffs, solid rock drop-offs or risers that just beg to climbed. Joggie and me were game and every time the group took a rest, we scaled up the closest rock wall.

Taaibos HikeThere’s a nice stream that originates a few kilometers up in the mountain. This then joins the Mokolo river on the farm where we hiked; the crystal clear water is cold, but much better tasting than the city’s.

The hike itself wasn’t very difficult with the first day being 11km and the second a total of 5km. We crossed the stream a few times, and those of us hiking with sandals (Rocky’s) made full use of it by walking in the water instead of jumping for dry rocks.

Taaibos HikeExcept for the beautiful scenery there’s a number of interesting things we found along this route: There is an ant heap that was built under a massive half ton boulder, which the non-stopping workers simply lifted up into the air with them.

We also found massive Golden Orb Web spiders and a Puff Adder. It quietly went its way right pass us, into the water and stayed there. (Midday heat can make anyone a bit less feisty.)

Taaibos HikeThe best thing about this hike was the dam at the end of the route. Built by Italian prisoners of war some century or what ago. And of course the massive rope swing from the about 20m high cliff, that you reach with a ladder, and the 80m foofie slide across the dam.

We stayed here for about an hour before finishing the last 2km back to where our cars were.

Taaibos Hike

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