Blydepoort Canyon

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Aventura Blydepoort Holiday Resort
Near: Ohrigstad, Mpumalanga, South Africa
GPS: -24.57509, 30.778072
When: 2005-12-25 to 2005-12-26
Who: Thinus, my parents

Blydepoort CanyonThis is one place I just love to go to: The Panorama Route through the “place where the sun rises”, Mpumalanga. This whole part of our land is scattered with waterfalls, forests, majestic views and history.

The awesome Blydepoort Canyon, with the Three Rondawel mountain peaks, and the breath taking view from God’s Window, where the Highveld and Lowveld meet, will never be a dull trip to take.

This time I went with my parents. Our plan was to stay in the Blydepoort Holiday Resort for 2 days, and drive the scenic route back. Slowly, stopping everywhere… We arrived here on Christmas morning after the misty three hour drive from Middelburg, where my folks stay, through Belfast, Dullstroom, Lydenburg – all little tourist’s towns featuring trout estates, expensive English tea gardens and almost nonstop mist and fog. Cold and wet. Trout country.

Blydepoort CanyonAfter unpacking, we drove to the viewpoint called “End of the world”. The wind was cold as ever, even though the sun was shining at times. Standing at the very rim of the almost 100m straight down drop into the age old canyon with its green water reminds of scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Its breath taking magic!

Back home we had coffee in the restaurant, and I went for a hike while my parents took a nap. I walked about 6km through a rain forest with amazing rock formations and small waterfalls with bright white, ice cold water. It started getting dark while walking, and I turned up to the road to meet my folks.

At our chalet my parents waited with a different story: there was a massive storm at home in Middelburg, and it blew down part of the 8 feet brick walls we have around our house. These, including a double gate are not necessarily to keep baddies out, but to keep our monster blooded 130kg bulldogs in. So the neighbor called: our dogs ate his, and now he and his wife can not leave their home. We need to come back! Now!

This 280km drive in daytime is dangerous with all the mist, but at a rainy 11pm its impossible, so we phoned the Middelburg police to check whether the dogs were in the street, eating any other passer-byes or maybe even a car or two. The report came back: they were sitting, soaking wet, at the back door hating the rain and wind as much as everyone else. Lucky for us, and bad luck for the neighbors looking back at them through their bedroom window…

So, our Christmas trip was cut short, we drove early the next morning (no more scenic routes, stopping at road side curios shops, taking pictures of waterfalls…) We rescued the neighbors, took a drive through town and saw that the damages we had were nothing compared to the missing house roofs, trees through walls and washed away cars of other people. We had a laugh, and started to sort out the bricks to build a new wall.

Merry Christmas to all!

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