Buffelspoort Long Weekend

March 17th, 2006 by Thinus Leave a reply »

Buffelspoort ATKV Resort
Where: Rustenburg, North West Province, South Africa
GPS: -25.75871, 27.48751
When: 2006-03-17 to 2006-03-21
Who: Thinus, Werner, Jeandre

The last time we came here we enjoyed it so much that we decided to come here again, but this time in the Summer. We choose the long weekend, but left out of our budget a few things – holiday tariffs are more expensive, everything was fully booked, and the only available place was a caravan camping stand with electricity, a roof and place for 6 people. We only had a small tent.

Even with me giving turn by turn instructions for Jeandre, he still got lost and drove about double the distance to get there. He only arrived a day later.

Our 4 man tent looked like a lone ranger in the massive stand camped of for a whole caravan, and there was a cement floor to sleep on. I had a camping mattress, but Werner spent the first night on my car’s four floor carpets. The next day he bought a baby blue kiddies pool mattress. It worked, except that it sounded like I’m sleeping next to Darth Vader.


It was Summer alright, and we spent most of the time outside in the cooler of the 2 hot pools. The 38 degree Celsius one was only used very late at night. The pool mattress served a good second purpose for us to cling to while the sun was roasting us in the outside pool.

It rained at night, but we still made our little fire and roasted meat or chicken for every dinner. We are good friends but work busy schedules far from each other and only talk online, thus this was a good relaxing weekend, being able to sit and chat face to face again for a change.

A very relaxing, be-lazy weekend that did us all a whole lot of good. We saw a wealth of new birds, including a Green-back Bittern, African Green Pigeon, and a Black Shouldered Kite.

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  1. Jeandre says:

    Daardie naweek was nogal lekker gewees. Ek wens ons kan gou weer so iets doen. Ek moet eintlik net ‘n plan maak en weer saam kom kuier. Vinnig!

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