Faerie Glen Nature Reserve

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Faerie Glen Nature Reserve
Near: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
GPS: -25.772397, 28.29855
When: 2006-04-02

I heard about this little tea garden, called Plumbago, and set of early morning to have pancakes and coffee for breakfast. Tucked away next to the busy Hans Strydom road, hides this small farm style kitchen and a few tables outside under umbrellas.

While eating a number of people arrived with their dogs. They were all excited to get out from their cramped back yards, and explored the footpath going into the bushes behind Plumbago, eagerly marking the new territory as far as they go. After our breakfast consisting of crepes with spinach, feta and bacon, we decided to see where the footpath may lead.

Faerie GlenAnd were we surprised! Hidden in this busy built-up part of Pretoria lies a Nature Reserve! (Though we could have guessed by the name that it might have been something more than just a tea garden). The Faerie Glen Nature Trail wanders up along one of the highest ‘mountain peaks’ in Pretoria city, and from the very top you can see most of eastern Pretoria. Definitely a very nice spot to sit and ponder about life.

Walking down the other side of the mountain, the path winds into a more bushy area with big trees mixed with colorful climb plants. We heard all sorts of birds that’s new to us, and managed to identify one or two. Reaching the foot of the hill,where the Moretelle river fills its 30m riverbanks and runs right through the Nature Reserve, we found a ’secret’ wooden birdhide were another couple have packed out a cooler box for an early morning picnic. I marked this place on the GPS, since we must come and sit here one day when we can have the birdhide to ourselves. (And are maybe a bit better with the brown grass birds).

We kept on going along the path next to the river, with tall grass on our one side and the thick bush and colorful flowers climbing into the tree canopy on our other. After a total of about 6km’s walk, we got back where we started. So, setting out for just a nice breakfast we were treated to an enchanted place in the middle of our city that I didn’t know about but now will definitely visit again, soon.

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