Suikerboschfontein Hike

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Suikerboschfontein Hiking Trail
Near: Carolina, Mpumalanga, South Africa
GPS: -25.94798, 30.27607
When: 2006-04-22 to 2006-04-23
Who: Thinus, Naas, Stefan, Mariaan, Anculien, Elizna, Willie, Laetitia, Conrad, Chris, Petronel, Nico, Denise..

SuikerboschfonteinThis was a weekend hike on a farm near Carolina. The walking distance for day one is 10.2km, and day two 9.4km. The camp sites were very nicely equipped with warm water, fire places, and mattresses.

Being in Mpumalanga highveld, the cool air was an unpolluted clean blue, and the surroundings a healthy green, with springs of crystal clear water bubbling out everywhere from the ground in this deep gorge in the earth.

SuikerboschfonteinOn the birding front we saw Brown Eagles and White-Backed Crows, and a number or Red-winged Starling and Robin-Chats. (See our birdlist)

Although this was the first hike this year, we knew most of the 18 people, and talked till late morning next to the fire. The girls had a warm shower from the wood fired boiler that is provided at the campsite.

SuikerboschfonteinTypical of this part of South Africa, the fog started to build up in the late afternoon. Although it was clear skies the whole weekend, the next morning it was chilly until about 9am, when the sun finally won the battle.

The view on this route is never ending. It was simply spectacular! High solid rock walls on our one side and the lushesly green gorge on the other. There are ferns in all the shaded places that must be older than we are.

SuikerboschfonteinAlong the route, we found some old cattle kraal ruins, a sun temple in the valley, and Koi-San paintings on the cliff walls. Near the end of the trail is a massive tear in the mountain wall with an ice cold swimming hole about 20 meters into the cave. We all had a welcome and refreshing swim.

You won’t find water anywhere that will taste better then what pours out of the rocks here.


  1. Thinus says:

    Hi Lukas

    Entrance Gate: -25.958086 30.259782
    Day 1: Rooikrans Camp: -25.955257 30.262186
    Day 2: Oom Japie’s Hut: -25.950856 30.291507

    Enjoy. Its beautiful here! Let me know how it was.

  2. Lukas says:


    Do you have the co-ordinates for the 2 houses you stay in at this hike?

    If so, please post them, im going this weekend

  3. Anculien says:

    Hi julle!
    Dit was my eerste keer om met ‘n rugsak ‘n staproete aan te durf; en dit was wonderlik!!!!!
    Die natuur was pragtig, en die hele groep was soos een groot familie. Van hierdie roete af, probeer ek op elke moontlike staproete gaan en dis absoluut amazing!

  4. Desire Fourie says:

    Hi Thinus. I gather that you are perhaps Afrikaans. Let me know so in future we can communicate in our own language. yes I know Ockie van Niekerk’s (the owner’s) wife Lenie very well. Me and my husband have actually hiked Suikerboschfontein twice and once with Lenie. It is still the most beautiful weekend hike we have done. Our favorite hikes we have done that was 5 days and more are the Otter, Tsitsikamma, Outeniqua and the Fish River Canyon which has its own beauty. We plan to visit Ockie and Lenie during May this year to celebrate Lenie’s birthday, which is also close to my birthday and we will then hike the route again. Can’t wait. Love the photos. Brings back fond memories. Thanks for looking at DOING LIFE Regards Desire.

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