Zwartkops Nature Reserve

April 9th, 2006 by Thinus Leave a reply »

Zwartkops Nature Reserve
Near: Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
GPS: -25.834206, 28.1253
When: 2006-04-09

This is one of those places where I picked up a map (or actually opened one on my laptop) and drove to the first nicely sized green area I found on it. The Zwartkops Nature Reserve is on the western side of Centurion, less than 15 minutes’ drive from home. I paid the R20 entry, and was again immediately astonished by the vast amounts of lovely green parks that lies hidden in our capital.

Not even 100m into the reserve, I saw a new bird already – large groups of White-billed Hornbills sitting right next to the road.

I parked and walked to the Sesmuilspruit river that runs from Eco Park Estate where I stay, into and out of the lake at the Centurion waterfront and right through this park. Here I sat on the river bank for a while and spotted, together with a number of birds, a black and yellow striped Monitor Lizard of some sort. This 40cm lizard family member wasn’t much disturbed and continued baking in the sun until eventually it scurried into the water and swam away.

I wandered further upstream and found and island in the river where hundreds of Darters and Egrets where making a noise in large trees. This is a good place to lie down in the soft green grass and look at the passing clouds that aren’t there. With the blue sky above and the river on the side, I even dozed off a bit in the sun before heading back home. Refreshed and with 14 more ants in my trousers then I had this morning.


  1. leigh says:

    We took our children and a few friends today, the grounds were littered with used condoms and rohypnol pill packets – truly disgusting – second time we’ve been there and promised we would not go back. We really won’t now. I’d love to know what it is they do with the 25 rand entrance per person – the pace is disgusting.

  2. Denise says:

    I would like to contact the reseve to make use fo their facilities – but cant find any contact details on the web page….please assist?


  3. Vithajar says:

    Have always wanted to go to Africa and try to go snorkeling and hopefully see a white shark. That would be cool.

  4. Midge van der Walt says:

    I live near the Zwartkop nature reserve. I have picked up a large tortise and would like te relocate him into the reserve in order for him to stay out of harms way. I am batteling to contact details for this reserve. Could you help me.

  5. marleen says:

    I’ve been trying to get your contact details, the number i found stays engaged all the time. I want to visit the Zwartkop nature reserve with my friend on the 10th May, so i need details. May you pleae send me your contacts.

    Thank you

  6. Your blog is fantastic! Thanks for posting this. It makes me want to get out there and go hiking again. I can’t wait for the spring!

  7. Carel vd Berg says:

    Hey Thinus,

    Love your blog. Photos bring back lots of good memory specially the people in them.

    Would love to see pictures you took here. Question: Is this reserve open to anybody for a visit? I’m asking because when we live adjacent to it some years back it was a Recce training area.

    For interest sake, if you follow the sat picture north-east till you get to Swartkop School and then directly West from top lefthand corner of rugby/cricket field. We lived in the house with the large blueish roof. Sorry, no coordinates, will get GoogleEarth again soon.

    Keep it up. I’ll maybe use information from here to decide on a spot to go when I visit SA next time. Thanks

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