Johannesburg Zoo

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Johannesburg Zoo
Near: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
GPS: -26.165569, 28.037839
When: 2006-05-13
Who: Thinus, Werner, Elizna

Johannesburg Zoo We’ve been here before, but a zoo always has something or someplace that you haven’t discovered yet.

My friend Werner, my sister Elizna and me packed our cool bag with hotdog buns and vienna sausages and set off early morning to the old Zoo 70km away in the center of Johannesburg CBD.

My focus this time was obviously the birds, and I tried to make a list of what we could find. Fairly quickly we realized we recognize almost nothing as it turned out that most of the birds there are foreign and will never live wild in Africa. Still some pretty weird faces to look at!

Johannesburg ZooThis zoo has many special things like the chimps and orangutans’ cages, the snow leopard, ice bears (that we watched at feeding time), white back gorilla, the white lions and then crocodile breeding cages where you are within reach of 50 or more 2 meter crocs! We also found a den where one curious little reindeer was kept. He really didn’t want us to stop scratching his head for him.

The best spot was off course the 2 huge walk through aviaries where you can go in and walk between the wild birds and ducks. A mouse bird came and sat right on Werner’s shoulder. Must be some sign for something. I’m sure!

Johannesburg ZooHere we saw numbers of exotic birds, but also some local ones that are daringly close to extinction. Some special ones include saddle-billed stork, blue crane, bald ibis, marabou stork, vulture guineafowl, blue waxbill and an american weirdo called a runner.

In the afternoon we had home made hotdogs and later coffee at the zoo restaurant before we headed back home after a long day. I don’t think one realizes how far you walk inside a zoo.

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