Wonderboom Air Show

May 6th, 2006 by Thinus Leave a reply »

Wonderboom Airport
Near: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
GPS: -25.6572, 28.2138
When: 2006-05-06

This is a regular thing at the local Airport, Wonderboom Aerodrome. I got invited to this show, with tickets to the VIP tent for a buffet lunch and open bar!

AirshowOf course there were camels if you did not want to look at the small aircraft on display, but I must agree that there was something more interesting to me too. The Showdown Jet car dragster that was to race from standing start against an Impala Fighter Jet!

The Jet would take of, and make a circle to come past again from the start of the runway. Here the Jet car would stand and idle at full throttle, with brakes on and screaming like a daemon. As soon as the jet is above it, the car would ignite the afterburners and let go the brakes. At this stage the jet is doing about 400km/h, but in less than 1km, the car passes under the jet, doing about double the jet’s speed!!!

Well, this is what made the day for me, so for the rest of the (now boring story) take a look at the photos in my album.

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