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Mount Amanzi
Near: Hartbeespoort Dam, North West Province, South Africa
GPS: -25.716751, 27.841955
When: 2006-07-21 to 2006-07-24
Who: Marissa, Joggie, Tienie, Thinus, Elizna, Elbie, Werner
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Mount Amanzi

Yes yes, we go to someplace near Hartbeespoort Dam quite often, but this area is just so beautiful!! The lodge is on the foot of the massive Magalies mountain, just outside the small resort town Hartbeespoort. The town’s name means ‘pass of the hartbees’, (a species of antelope) in Afrikaans.

Mount AmanziMy parents had timeshare left and used it to book 2 chalets at this lodge right under the big dam wall and bridge. The view from the lodge looking up at the dam wall is as nice as the view looking down from above. The dam wasn’t near its capacity, but the river coming from the valve in the wall was flowing strong, with a small waterfall as it rushed down the rocky face.

With the ample sleeping space, our whole family was present, including some of our friends. Our chalets were quite luxurious, with satellite TV. Still, spend most of our time sitting outside, eating chips and drinking coke or beer. We had BBQ everyday.

Mount AmanziThe weather was typical of July winters, with cold, cloudless blue skies, and a freezing wind coming from over the dam into the valley. We tried to get up early one morning to see how many different birds we could find, but nearly froze our feet off. Still, I managed to see 33 different birds of which 8 was new ones. Actually it was 34 different birds, as a lost Emu came strolling up to our chalets, begging for cookies!! This strange Australian bird is not native to South Africa, and was clearly someone’s pet.

Mount AmanziWith the sound of the river always in our ears, we were entertained by the Guineafowl and Egyptian Geese that ate our breadcrumbs. We went for walks to the river, the bridge and damwall, and the local flea market. It was interesting to see a traditional Zulu Riksha carrying people around.

As it got really cold at night, we would sit in the indoor, steaming hot swimming pool and stay there until we got asked to leave for closing time.

We enjoyed a nice time together as family, and friends. Thank you mom and dad!

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