Camping in Warmbad

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Warmbad Holiday Resort
Near: Bela-Bela, Limpopo, South Africa
GPS: -24.88815, 28.29005
When: 2007-03-23 to 2007-03-25
Who: Thinus, Dries, Hermanus, Elizna

Camping in Warmbad Warmbaths, or now Bela-Bela, hosts one of the most classic resorts in South Africa – everyone I know has been here before. Except for me.

Well, so it was time! The four of us met after work, and inefficiently drove the 130km there in two cars. (Man, I can’t wait to get my Jeep!) We got the place easily enough – its right in the middle of the small town next to the N1 highway. We signed in, got our funky ‘visitor’ tags, got some peppermints from the promotion girls next to the jumping castle and drove in to find a sweet spot to stay.

Interestingly, when we eventually decided on a spot after 15 minutes’ drive through the caravan park, the two guys running patiently behind us all the time said that they were supposed to help with the tents. So we gave the tents to them, had ourselves a beer to recover from the long drive, and watched while they worked. Sweet! (At least we tipped them properly.)

Camping in WarmbadThe weather was nice and warm the whole weekend, and we stayed in the pools most of the time. On Saturday, we watched excitedly as 2 bus loads of girls pulled up. Sadly, it turned our they were all high school Joburg-south-somewhere hockey players on tour. So, if you were into giggling, screaming school girls and no real conversation, this could have been paradise. Could have been…

Well, even spectators get hungry sometimes, and as someone forgot a spatula for the skottel braai, we drove into the town and walked up and down every little street to find one. And R9 later we did. We had good meat and skottel braai everyday, and even ate in the restaurant once.

Camping in WarmbadIf there was someone that got value for their money this weekend, it was our little group. Man, we rode those super tubes and slides till we couldn’t walk anymore. And then there was the inflatable tube river. This is the second most fun you can have with a tube, and we ran up, rode down and fell over hundreds of times. (It could have been more, but at some stages the whole thing just got clogged up with giggling hockey girls.) Ai. We are getting old…

Anyway, Warmbad resort is a sweet place, offering extras like cable skiing, a paint ball arena, a fake sea with real waves, good hot water for late night swimming, a health-spa that we tried to find but couldn’t and a battle-chess-stage. (Those big chess boards painted on the ground where you hit each other with the pawns).

Except for the little pole that drove into Dries’ car the one day, this was, again, a good weekend away.

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  1. Goedele says:

    Hey Thinus,

    Wat een zwembad!
    Dat zag er wel erg leuk uit!
    Als ik nog eens naar Zuid-Afrika kom, moet je me dat zeker laten zien. ;)


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