My New Boat

April 22nd, 2007 by Thinus Leave a reply »

Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve
Near: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
GPS: -25.62145, 28.34202
When: 2007-04-21 to 2007-04-22
Who: Thinus, Werner

My New Boat This story starts with my buddy Werner and me innocently walking into the new Outdoor Warehouse that opened close to our flat in Centurion. We just wanted to kill an otherwise boring Saturday afternoon…

Little did we realize that half an hour later, not only would I be the proud owner of a new rubber boat and Werner would own two new life jackets, but that we would be packed and on our way to the nearest dam, ready to spend the night there!

So, what does it take to make a trip like this? We had the boat, the 2 life jackets, a 2 man tent (heavens forbid), 2 sleeping bags, one GPS, a cooler bag with Scotch and beer, 6 hot dog buns, a kilogram boere wors sausages, and half a bag of charcoal. Man, I’m glad I’m a guy!

My New BoatAnyway, so the boat is a 4 seater, intended to be a white-water kayak. It can be fitted with a small 1.1kW engine (which we didn’t have money for), complete with a ‘gadget pouch’ and place for the engine battery (where the cooler bag now fits in nicely). It also comes with 2 oars, and a double action pump. Setting everything up takes less than 15 minutes.

The closest dam to us, Rietvlei Dam, didn’t allow for rowing boats. So we head of to Roodeplaat Dam. Here we pitched our tent, pumped up the boat and got on the water to still use the last 50 minutes of sunshine. We saw a nice sunset from the middle of the dam before we headed back, made a fire, had our hot dogs with a Scotch, and went to bed.

Sunday morning we got up at 6am and were on the foggy, freezing cold dam before the sun rose, which we again saw from the water. This time we had our cool bag with us and it kept us on the water for the next 5 hours.

My new GPS also did it’s maiden voyage this weekend, and told us that no matter how hard we tried to row in sync, we couldn’t break the 6km/h limit. This is obviously not a racing canoe, but was made to chill with a cold one in the one hand and maybe binoculars or a fishing rod in the other. We did manage to see Kudos and some waterbirds on the Nature Reserve shore.

This is the coolest addition to my collection of insanely impulsive buys, and we will use it as often as we can to kill weekends at random.


  1. Thinus Holtzhausen says:

    Ek is bly jy het plek in jou lewe vir avonture wat die lewe die moeite werd maak.

  2. Britintheus says:

    sweet ride!
    Nothing like getting side-tracked in the store…

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