My Outings now on WordPress!!

September 2nd, 2007 by Thinus Leave a reply »

So, its done! Welcome to my completely revamped Outings blog! It might even stay up to date this time. (Yah rite! :-) Remember to update your bookmarks, and subscribe to the RSS feed so you won’t miss a post. I’m now eagerly catching up on the last years reports, so come back regularly and check out the posts below this one. See here to find out more.

For a while now this blog has been stagnant. This is not because I’m lazy (which I am) but because I’m going on so many outings lately, that I never get time to type something about them.

Well, and also because I’ve been busy installing and setting up my very own custom blogging software powered by WordPress on my very own server. Slowly my posts have been moving over, and finally, I’m just waiting for the domain to transfer.

As soon as I figure all this out (and still haven’t chewed off both my wrists), I will switch over. The address for the blog will stay the same,, but some of the links inside might have changed. Use the search feature on this new blog if you are looking for something. I will lastly update all links in the old Blogger to point to my new server, before I eventually delete the old blog. Sad, ain’t it?

Please leave a comment or tell someone else if something is interesting to you so that this site can stay busy so that I can get my 0.8 US cent from my sponsors so that I can be closer to buying my Jeep. Thanx man!


  1. Thinus says:

    Setup complete!!
    All framework and template links tested. Categories imported and links updated in new database. All that remains is importing the last few posts thats still on Blogger…

  2. Thinus says:

    Ok, the domain has transferred. Setting up WordPress as subdomain
    Setup all widgets and completing template for now. Hits logging enabled and initialized with previous Blogger data.

  3. Thinus says:

    Installation complete!
    Blog now running on temp subdirectory as /tempblog.
    Testing the commenting feature…

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