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I wrote down my first bird name in 2005. As I go on regular hikes and other camping trips and because the list is still short, I manage to see at least one new bird for every new place that is visited. I have definitely been bitten by the bug!

The Goal

Southern Africa hosts 958 (South Africa has 858) different bird species. Slowly but surely I’m getting there. While this list just contains the names of first time sightings, click on a heading to see the blog entry about the hiking trips and outings where I found these birds.

The Tools

My birding book collection includes:

I also have the Roberts’ Multimedia Birds of Southern Africa: PDA Version 2 on my HP hx4700 Pocket PC. I carry most of these and small binoculars and a borrowed! 50x Bushnell Spotting Scope everywhere I go and eagerly use them to spy on and try to identify every bird I can find.

The Detail

This list shows the place and date of first time sightings with bird count on the left followed by the Roberts bird number. Please leave a comment, tips or advice about anything you find interesting here.

The List

  Thinus Bird Name (Bird Number)

Rustenburg Birdlife trip, 74 species - 2011-07-29 to 2011-07-31

 Kroondal Dam, Rustenburg, North West
  373316South African Shelduck (103)
 Vlaklaagte, Pilanesberg, North West
  372315Violet-eared Waxbill (845)
  371314Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird (470)
  370313Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk (162)
  369312Marico Flycatcher (695)
  368311Southern Pied Babbler (563)
  367310Bushveld Pipit (723)

Mozambique 4x4 trip, 111 species - 2011-06-24 to 2011-07-05

 Santa Maria, Inhaca Islands, Mozambique
  366309Collared Sunbird (793)
  365308Red-capped Robin-Chat (600)
  364307House Crow (549)
  363306Yellow-fronted Canary (869)
  362305Rudd's Apalis (649) (nt)
 Maputo Elephant Park, Maputo, Mozambique
  361304Lizard Buzzard (154)
  360303Yellow-throated Longclaw (728)
  359302Southern Banded Snake-Eagle (144) (v)
  358301Denham's Bustard (231) (v)
 Maputo, Mozambique
  357300African Yellow White-eye (797)
  356299Black Saw-wing (536)
 Casa Lisa, Maputo, Mozambique
  355298Square-tailed Nightjar (409)
 White Sands, Inhambane, Mozambique
  354297Ruddy Turnstone (262)
  353296Curlew Sandpiper (272)
  352295Greater Flamingo (96) (nt)
  351294Brimstone Canary (877)
 Hyliota Camp, Panda, Mozambique
  350293Southern Black Tit (554)
  349292Fawn-coloured Lark (497)
  348291Southern Hyliota (624)
  347290Gabar Goshawk (161)
  346289African Dusky Flycatcher (690)
  345288Pale Batis (702)
 Kruger National Park North, Kurger National Park, Limpopo
  344287Kori Bustard (230) (v)
  343286White-headed Vulture (125) (v)

Warm Memories through my Cold Hometown, 26 species - 2011-04-24

 Belfast, Mpumalanga
  342285Cape Canary (872)

White-winged Flufftail search, 32 species - 2011-02-19

 Middelpunt Wetlands, Dullstroom, Mpumalanga
  341284Banded Martin (534)
  340283Brown-throated Martin (533)
  339282Levaillant's Cisticola (677)
  338281White-winged Flufftail (222) (ce)
  337280African Grass-Owl (393) (v)
  336279African Marsh-Harrier (165) (v)
  335278Marsh Owl (395)
  334277Southern Bald Ibis (92) (v)
  333276Amur Falcon (180)

Newyears at the Stables, 1 species - 2011-01-01

 Kameelfontein, Cullinan, Gauteng
  332275Long-tailed Paradise-Whydah (862)

Boxingday at the dam, 18 species - 2010-12-26

 Loskopdam Nature Reserve, Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  331274Booted Eagle (136)

Southern Cape Christmas, 61 species - 2010-12-15 to 2010-12-23

 Steynville, Northern Cape
  330273Sociable Weaver (800)
 Beaufort Wes, Western Cape
  329272African Harrier-Hawk (169)
 Meiringspoort, Oudtshoorn, Western Cape
  328271Cape Bunting (885)
 Sedgefield, Western Cape
  327270Great Crested Grebe (6)
  326269Fiscal Flycatcher (698)
  325268Caspian Tern (322) (nt)
  324267Peregrine Falcon (171) (nt)
  323266Jackal Buzzard (152)
  322265Common Starling (757)
  321264Cape Bulbul (566)
  320263Yellow Bishop (827)
  319262Cape Cormorant (56) (nt)

Searching for the Pigmy Goose, 53 species - 2010-12-05

 Mkhombodam, Bela-Bela, Mpumalanga
  318261Greater Painted-snipe (242) (nt)
  317260White-winged Tern (339)
  316259Southern Pochard (113)
  315258Ruff (284)
  314257Wood Sandpiper (266)
  313256Black Heron (69)
 Rust de Winter Nature Reserve, Bela-Bela, Limpopo
  312255Yellow-billed Oxpecker (771) (v)

Camping at the dam, 33 species - 2010-11-27 to 2010-11-28

 Loskopdam Forever Resort, Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  311254Greater Honeyguide (474)

Thinus' Wetlands Birthday, 44 species - 2010-11-20

 Marievale Wetland Bird Sacturary, Nigel, Gauteng
  310253African Snipe (286)
  309252Fan-tailed Widowbird (828)
  308251Common Redshank (268)
  307250Hottentot Teal (107)
  306249Pied Avocet (294)

Hiking in the Waterberg, 11 species - 2010-09-24 to 2010-09-26

 Rhenosterpoort Hiking Trail, Thabazimbi, Limpopo
  305248Long-billed Crombec (651)
  304247Bar-throated Apalis (645)

Breakfast on the Farm, 1 species - 2010-08-22

 Irene Dairy Farm, Centurion, Gauteng
  303246Rose-ringed Parakeet (366)

Kruger Get Away, 104 species - 2010-08-13 to 2010-08-16

 Kruger National Park South, Kurger National Park, Mpumalanga
  302245Woolly-necked Stork (86) (nt)
  301244Malachite Kingfisher (431)
  300243African Scops-Owl (396)
  299242White-browed Robin-Chat (599)
  298241Southern White-crowned Shrike (756)
  297240Shaft-tailed Whydah (861)
  296239Black Cuckooshrike (538)
  295238White-crested Helmet-Shrike (753)
  294237Brown-headed Parrot (363)
  293236Scarlet-chested Sunbird (791)
  292235Pearl-spotted Owlet (398)
  291234Red-crested Korhaan (237)
  290233Brown Snake-Eagle (142)
  289232Black-crowned Tchagra (744)
  288231Square-tailed Drongo (542)
  287230Wire-tailed Swallow (522)
 Dullstroom, Mpumalanga
  286229Cape Crow (547)

The Freestate Family Farm, 24 species - 2010-07-24

 Boschkop Farm, Grootvlei, Freestate
  285228African Red-eyed Bulbul (567)
  284227Red-billed Teal (108)
  283226Cape Teal (106)
  282225Namaqua Dove (356)

The RAV's first Winter Picnic, 44 species - 2010-07-10

 Roodeplaat Nature Reserve, Pretoria, Gauteng
  281224Green-winged Pytilia (834)
  280223Little Bee-eater (444)
  279222Eastern Long-billed Lark (500.2)
  278221Bearded Woodpecker (487)
  277220White-browed Scrub-Robin (613)
  276219Neddicky (681)

Midweek in the North West Grasslands, 30 species - 2010-05-05 to 2010-05-07

 Dikhololo Nature Reserve, Brits, North West
  275218Mocking Cliff-Chat (593)
  274217Golden-breasted Bunting (884)
  273216Red-headed Weaver (819)
  272215Crimson-breasted Shrike (739)
  271214Kalahari Scrub-Robin (615)
  270213Cardinal Woodpecker (486)
  269212Red-billed Hornbill (458)
  268211African Green-Pigeon (361)
  267210Coqui Francolin (188)

Searching for new Stables, 5 species - 2010-04-23 to 2010-04-27

 Kameelfontein, Cullinan, Gauteng
  266209Barn Owl (392)
 Baviaanspoort, Pretoria, Gauteng
  265208Striped Kingfisher (437)

Easter at the Dam, 32 species - 2010-04-02 to 2010-04-05

 Magalies Park Resort, Hartbeespoort, North West
  264207Cut-throat Finch (855)
  263206Squacco Heron (72)

Hiking in Magoebaskloof, 5 species - 2010-03-19 to 2010-03-22

 Magoebaskloof, Polokwane, Limpopo
  262205Mountain Wagtail (712)
  261204Terrestrial Brownbul (569)

Botanical Valentine Picnic, 17 species - 2010-02-20

 Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, Roodepoort, Gauteng
  260203Red-chested Cuckoo (377)
  259202Red-winged Francolin (192)
  258201Bokmakierie (746)

At the Stables, 1 species - 2010-02-07

 Kameelfontein, Cullinan, Gauteng
  257200Common Quail (200)

Deneysville on the Vaal, 25 species - 2010-01-31

 Vaaldam, Deneysville, Freestate
  256199Red-footed Falcon (179)
  255198Black-throated Canary (870)

Diamonds and Prisons, 52 species - 2010-01-23

 Zonderwater Prison, Cullinan, Gauteng
  254197Common Swift (411)
  253196Speckled Pigeon (349)
  252195Whiskered Tern (338)
  251194Rufous-naped Lark (494)
  250193African Quailfinch (852)
  249192Dark-capped Yellow Warbler (637)

Hiking in Diepsloot, 32 species - 2010-01-16

 Northern Farm Nature Reserve, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  248191African Purple Swamphen (223)
  247190African Pipit (716)
  246189Red-collared Widowbird (831)

Cycling in Centurion, 25 species - 2009-12-31 to 2010-01-09

 Smuts Koppie, Centurion, Gauteng
  245188Lazy Cisticola (679)
  244187European Honey-Buzzard (130)
 Eco Park Estate, Centurion, Gauteng
  243186African Openbill (87) (nt)
 Midstream, Centurion, Gauteng
  242185Yellow-crowned Bishop (826)

Wild Coast, Zululand and Swaziland, 74 species - 2009-12-12 to 2009-12-24

 Pongola Poort Dam, Jozini, KwaZulu Natal
  241184Sombre Greenbul (572)
 Port Edward, KwaZulu Natal
  240183Half-collared Kingfisher (430) (nt)
  239182Trumpeter Hornbill (455)
  238181Crowned Hornbill (460)
  237180Brown Scrub-Robin (616)
  236179Barn Swallow (518)
  235178African Black Oystercatcher (244) (nt)
  234177Kelp Gull (312)
  233176Knysna Turaco (370)
  232175Yellow Weaver (817)
 N3N, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal
  231174Steppe Buzzard (149)
  230173White Stork (83)

Hiking in the Kruger, 82 species - 2009-11-29 to 2009-12-02

 Moholoholo, Hazyview, Mpumalanga
  229172Yellow-billed Kite (126.1)
 Kruger National Park South, Kurger National Park, Mpumalanga
  228171Southern Grey-headed Sparrow (804)
  227170Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove (358)
  226169Jameson's Firefinch (841)
  225168Red-billed Quelea (821)
  224167Red-billed Oxpecker (772) (nt)
  223166Burchell's Starling (762)
  222165Magpie Shrike (735)
  221164Red-backed Shrike (733)
  220163Sabota Lark (498)
  219162Purple Roller (449)
  218161Little Swift (417)
  217160Verreaux's Eagle-Owl (402)
  216159Senegal Lapwing (256)
  215158Bateleur (146) (v)
  214157Wahlberg's Eagle (135)
  213156Tawny Eagle (132) (v)
  212155Lappet-faced Vulture (124) (v)
  211154Secretarybird (118) (nt)
  210153Common Greenshank (270)
  209152Common Sandpiper (264)
  208151African Spoonbill (95)
  207150Yellow-billed Stork (90) (nt)
  206149Lesser Masked-Weaver (815)
  205148Greater Blue-eared Starling (765)
  204147Olive Bush-Shrike (750)
  203146Lesser Striped Swallow (527)
  202145Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill (459)
  201144African Grey Hornbill (457)
  200143Lilac-breasted Roller (447)
  199142European Roller (446)
  198141European Bee-eater (438)
  197140Woodland Kingfisher (433)
  196139Burchell's Coucal (391)
  195138Water Thick-knee (298)
  194137Black-winged Stilt (295)
  193136White-crowned Lapwing (259) (nt)
  192135African Jacana (240)
  191134Black-bellied Bustard (238) (nt)
  190133White-backed Vulture (123) (v)
  189132Lesser Spotted Eagle (134)
  188131Swainson's Spurfowl (199)
  187130Natal Spurfowl (196)
  186129African Fish-Eagle (148)
  185128Marabou Stork (89) (nt)
  184127Great Egret (66)
  183126Goliath Heron (64)

Thinus' Badplaas Birthday, 36 species - 2009-11-27 to 2009-11-29

 Badplaas Forever Resort, Badplaas, Mpumalanga
  182125White-necked Raven (550)
  181124Bronze Mannikin (857)
  180123Spectacled Weaver (810)
  179122Amethyst Sunbird (792)
  178121Black-backed Puffback (740)
  177120African Pied Wagtail (711)
  176119African Paradise-Flycatcher (710)
  175118Cape Batis (700)
  174117Black-headed Oriole (545)
  173116Violet-backed Starling (761)
  172115Purple-crested Turaco (371)

At Home, 3 species - 2009-11-20 to 2009-11-21

 Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  171114Common House-Martin (530)
 Steenbras St, Pretoria, Gauteng
  170113White-winged Widowbird (829)

Breakfast at the Dam, 1 species - 2009-11-15

 Hartbeespoort, North West
  169112Green-backed Heron (74)

At the Stables, 2 species - 2009-11-07

 Doornpoort, Pretoria, Gauteng
  168111Diderick Cuckoo (386)

At Home, 1 species - 2009-10-23

 Eco Park Estate, Centurion, Gauteng
  167110Pin-tailed Whydah (860)

Easy Birding in Pretoria, 29 species - 2009-10-15

 Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, Pretoria, Gauteng
  166109Southern Red Bishop (824)
  165108Spur-winged Goose (116)
  164107White-backed Duck (101)
  163106Fulvous Duck (100)

Hiking in Pilgrim's Rest, 16 species - 2009-09-24 to 2009-09-26

 Milly's Trout Farm, Machadodorp, Mpumalanga
  162105Greater Striped Swallow (526)
 Graskop, Mpumalanga
  161104Long-crested Eagle (139)
 Prospector's Hiking Trail, Pelgrim's Rest, Mpumalanga
  160103Malachite Sunbird (775)
  159102Buff-streaked Chat (588)
  158101Groundscraper Thrush (580)
  157100Cape Rock-Thrush (581)
  15699Greater Double-collared Sunbird (785)
  15598Narina Trogon (427)
  15497African Emerald Cuckoo (384)

Hiking in Groenkloof, 11 species - 2009-09-20

 Groenkloof Nature Reserve, Pretoria, Gauteng
  15396Chinspot Batis (701)

Hiking in Faerie Glen, 25 species - 2009-09-19

 Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, Pretoria, Gauteng
  15295White-bellied Sunbird (787)
  15194Black-chested Prinia (685)
  15093Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler (621)
  14992White-throated Robin-Chat (602)
  14891Golden-tailed Woodpecker (483)
  14790Lesser Honeyguide (476)

Visit to the Zoo, 2 species - 2009-09-13

 Eco Park Estate, Centurion, Gauteng
  14689Mountain Wheatear (586)
 Jhb Zoo, Johannesburg, Gauteng
  14588Green Wood-Hoopoe (452)

At Home, 15 species - 2009-09-05

 Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  14487White-fronted Bee-eater (443)
  14386African Palm-Swift (421)

Visit to Randburg, 1 species - 2009-08-25

 Oak Street, Randburg, Gauteng
  14285African Olive-Pigeon (350)

Birding in Centurion, 44 species - 2009-08-16

 Rietvlei Nature Reserve, Centurion, Gauteng
  14184Long-tailed Widowbird (832)
  14083Pied Starling (759)
  13982Cape Longclaw (727)
  13881Lesser Swamp-Warbler (635)
  13780African Stonechat (596)
  13679Ant-eating Chat (595)
  13578Capped Wheatear (587)
  13477Karoo Thrush (577.1)
  13376Arrow-marked Babbler (560)
  13275White-throated Swallow (520)
  13174Spotted Thick-knee (297)
  13073African Wattled Lapwing (260)
  12972Blacksmith Lapwing (258)
  12871Three-banded Plover (249)
  12770Northern Black Korhaan (239.1)
  12669Helmeted Guineafowl (203)
  12568African Sacred Ibis (91)
  12467Hamerkop (81)
  12366Reed Cormorant (58)
  12265Little Grebe (8)
  12164Common Ostrich (1)

Easy Birding in Pretoria, 9 species - 2009-10-15

 Centurion Lake, Centurion, Gauteng
  12063Cape Weaver (813)
  11962House Sparrow (801)
  11861Tawny-flanked Prinia (683)
  11760Glossy Ibis (93)
 Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, Pretoria, Gauteng
  11659Common Waxbill (846)

At Home, 3 species - 2009-08-14

 Eco Park Estate, Centurion, Gauteng
  11558Red-headed Finch (856)
  11457Cape Sparrow (803)
  11356Common Fiscal (732)

Harties for a Break, 39 species - 2009-08-07 to 2009-08-10

 Hartbeespoort, North West
  11255Red-winged Starling (769)
 Magalies Park Resort, Hartbeespoort, North West
  11154Grey-headed Bush-Shrike (751)
  11053Southern Black Flycatcher (694)
  10952Kurrichane Thrush (576)
  10851Crested Barbet (473)
  10750Speckled Mousebird (424)
  10649White-browed Sparrow-Weaver (799)
 Hartbeespoort, North West
  10548Blue Waxbill (844)
  10447Common Myna (758)
  10346Crowned Lapwing (255)
  10245Black-headed Heron (63)
 Magalies Park Resort, Hartbeespoort, North West
  10144Thick-billed Weaver (807)
  10043Fork-tailed Drongo (541)
  9942Red-faced Mousebird (426)
  9841Grey Go-away-bird (373)
  9740Laughing Dove (355)
  9639Cape Turtle-Dove (354)
  9538Red-eyed Dove (352)
  9437Grey-headed Gull (315)
  9336Red-knobbed Coot (228)
  9235Common Moorhen (226)
  9134Black Crake (213)
  9033Crested Francolin (189)
  8932Cape Vulture (122) (v)
  8831Mallard (105.1)
  8730Yellow-billed Duck (104)
  8629Egyptian Goose (102)
  8528White-faced Duck (99)
  8427Cattle Egret (71)
  8326Grey Heron (62)
 Steenbras St, Pretoria, Gauteng
  8225Cape Wagtail (713)

Touring the South Coast, 11 species - 2009-07-31 to 2009-08-03

 Scottburgh, KwaZulu Natal
  8124Southern Masked-Weaver (814)
 Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu Natal
  8023Giant Kingfisher (429)
  7922Rock Dove (348)
  7821Swift Tern (324)
  7720Purple Heron (65)
  7619African Darter (60)
  7518White-breasted Cormorant (55)
  7417Pink-backed Pelican (50) (v)
 R21, Centurion, Gauteng
  7316Black-shouldered Kite (127)

Visit to Randburg, 4 species - 2009-07-25

 Oak Street, Randburg, Gauteng
  7215Cape White-eye (796)
  7114Southern Boubou (736)
  7013Cape Robin-Chat (601)

At Home, 2 species - 2009-07-06 to 2009-07-18

 Middelburg, Mpumalanga
  6912Black-collared Barbet (464)
 Steenbras St, Pretoria, Gauteng
  6811African Hoopoe (451)

Hiking in Wonderboom, 3 species - 2009-07-04

 Wonderboom Nature Reserve, Pretoria, Gauteng
  6710Olive Thrush (577)
  669Dark-capped Bulbul (568)
  658Verreauxs' Eagle (131)

Natal South Coast, 6 species - 2009-06-12 to 2009-06-16

 Mtwalume, Scottburgh, KwaZulu Natal
  647Pied Kingfisher (428)
  636Cape Glossy Starling (764)
 Uvongo, KwaZulu Natal
  625Pied Crow (548)
 Mtwalume, Scottburgh, KwaZulu Natal
  614White-fronted Plover (246)
  603Little Egret (67)
  592Brown-hooded Kingfisher (435)

At Home, 1 species - 2009-05-05

 Steenbras St, Pretoria, Gauteng
  581Hadeda Ibis (94)

Remaining on Old List, 57 species - 2005-01-01 to 2008-04-15

 Kututsa Hiking Trail, Witteberg, Fouriesburg, Freestate
  57-Bush Blackcap (565) (nt)
 Kruger National Park South, Mpumalanga
  56-Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver (798)
  55-Saddle-billed Stork (88) (e)
  54-Southern Ground-Hornbill (463) (v)
 Centurion Lake, Centurion, Gauteng
  53-Franklin's Gull (317)
 Rooi Ivoor Hiking Trail, Steelpoort, Mpumalanga
  52-Martial Eagle (140) (v)
  51-Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler (644)
 Western Cape
  50-African Penguin (3) (v)
  49-Hartlaub's Gull (316)
  48-Common Black-headed Gull (319)
  47-Common Tern (327)
  46-Little Tern (335)
  45-Cape Sugarbird (773)
 Wolkberg, Polokwane, Limpopo
  44-Yellow-streaked Greenbul (570)
  43-Gurney's Sugarbird (774)
 Diepsloot Nature Reserve, Gauteng
  42-Yellow-billed Egret (68)
  41-Northern Pintail (109)
  40-Ovambo Sparrowhawk (156)
 Vasbyt Hiking Trail, Naboomspruit, Limpopo
  39-Common Scimitarbill (454)
  38-Village Weaver (811)
 Paul-Roux, Free State
  37-Bearded Vulture (119) (e)
  36-White-bellied Korhaan (233) (v)
 Nelspruit and Hazyview, Mpumalanga
  35-Hooded Vulture (121) (v)
  34-Dark Chanting Goshawk (163)
  33-Olive Woodpecker (488)
  32-Green-backed Camaroptera (657)
  31-Blue-mantled Crested-Flycatcher (708)
  30-Golden Weaver (816)
 Somersbult near Bothaville, Free State
  29-Scaly-feathered Finch (806)
 Kosi Bay and Sudwana, KwaZulu Natal
  28-Palm-nut Vulture (147)
  27-Temminck's Courser (300)
  26-Swamp Nightjar (407) (v)
  25-Broad-billed Roller (450)
  24-Purple-banded Sunbird (780)
  23-Dark-backed Weaver (808)
 Rhemardo Holiday Resort, Limpopo
  22-Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike (748)
 Chelmsford Dam, Kwa-Zulu Natal
  21-Grey-winged Francolin (190)
  20-South African Cliff-Swallow (528)
 Bergheim, Nort West
  19-Wailing Cisticola (670)
 Nylstroom Airfield, Limpopo
  18-Red-breasted Swallow (524)
 Weesgerus Resort, Limpopo
  17-Marico Sunbird (779)
  16-Red-billed Firefinch (842)
 Bronkhorstbaai Dam, Gauteng
  15-Red-throated Wryneck (489)
 Northam, Limpopo
  14-Black-necked Grebe (7)
  13-Yellow-throated Sandgrouse (346) (nt)
  12-Buffy Pipit (719)
 Mt. Amanzi Resort, Nort West
  11-Striped Pipit (720)
 Eco Park Estate, Gauteng
  10-Spotted Eagle-Owl (401)
 Mkuze Nature Reserve, Kwa-Zulu Natal
  9-Crested Guineafowl (204)
  8-Yellow-breasted Apalis (648)
  7-Black-bellied Starling (768)
 Buffelspoort Resort, North West
  6-Rock Martin (529)
  5-Village Indigobird (867)
 Voortrekkerhoogte Highschool, Gauteng
  4-European Nightjar (404)
 Magalies Park Resort, Nort West
  3-Lesser Black-backed Gull (313)
 Blue Crane Restaurant, Gauteng
  2-Comb Duck (115)
  1-Grey-rumped Swallow (531)


  1. Gavin Kukard says:

    Hey tjom! Long time no hear, ek het nou net jou link op facebook gesien, en agtergekom jy se iets van jou birdlist? Ek is bly dis nie net ek en my vrou wat bird obsessed is nie, die mense dink ons is stok oud en partykeer wonder ek self! Anyway, birdlist staan op 343, most notable lifer: Green Barbet.



  2. Thinus says:

    Na meer as ‘n jaar en 165 voëls later is hierdie lys weer op datum. Dankie vir Martin se geleende scope!

    Die lysie sal nou weer gereeld groei. Soos dit moet.

  3. Martin says:

    Hi Thinus
    Hoe was die Wildtuin? Het jy die meteoriet Saterdagaand gesien? Hierdie site moet sekerlik bietjie opgedateer word met al die nuwe voëls. Ek is seker hulle het al verdubbel ;-)

  4. Acai Berries says:

    You have a pretty good writing skills. Nice blog. Add to my reader!

  5. Hi Thinus – nice site. Shouldn’t your Southern Black Korhaan at Rietvlei be a Northern ? Why don;t you join the Gauteng Birding challenge – follow the links on my website!


    Etienne Marais

  6. Timo van der Nest says:

    I have known you for a long time now and did not know about your interest in birds. I might interest you in going to visit my dad in Groblersdal, Limpopo. He has the biggest collection of wild doves and pigeons from all over the world as well as a big variety of South African birds. He’s knowledge of birds would surely interest you. Please feel free to contact me if you want more information and I will definitely set you up for a day with him.

  7. John Trapp says:


    Thank you so much for the very nice comments. And congratulations on being “bitten by the birding bug.” It’s a wonderful obsession to have.

    I’m green with envy at the thought of being able to see African Fish Eagles and other birds that you mention on you site.

    I just ran across your My Bird Sightings blog and am adding it to my list of African Bird Blogs, doubling the number of known bird blogs from the “Dark Continent.”

    It’s nice to make your acquaintance, and good birding!

  8. Mark says:

    Hi Thinus

    Congrats on a great sighting of Palmnut Vulture.

    I am wondering if you can plot it on the NaturalWorld Map as I am not sure where Dog Point is. The website is and if you register and log in, you can plot the point which will make the sighting viewable to the world – and you can attach a photo to it as well.

    I feel this is a very interesting website and has great potential. Also, all the sightings that get logged are forwarded on to the Endangered Wildlife Trust so there is great value to logging sightings here as well


  9. Dewald Swanepoel says:

    Hallo Thinus,

    Ek weet nie hoe nie maar ek het toevallig op jou birdlist afgekom by

    Dit is goed om bietjie nuwe jong vo?lkykers op die toneel te kry. Het jy al oorweeg om by BirdLife Northern Gauteng ( aan te sluit? Hulle het gereeld uitstappies na baie goeie vo?lkykplekke en ook naweekkampe waar jy heelwat vo?ls by jou lys sal kan voeg.

    Ek kan ook nie onthou dat ek al jou naam op PretoriaBirds of SABirdNet gesien het nie. PretoriaBirds is ?n mailing list van vo?lkykers in die Pretoria omgewing waar jy dikwels baie handige inligting kan kry omtrent vo?lskyk in die omgewing.

    Dewald Swanepoel

  10. Rassie Pretorius says:

    Het jou website besoek, baie interessant. So lekker om al die entoesiasme tussen die lyne te lees!
    Laat my terug dink aan my begin. Die eerste 200 voels so oor ‘n jaar of drie in die Kaap gesien. Toe waag ek en my vrou dit die eerste keer uit die Wes-Kaap na ons vo?ls begin kyk het. Ons was nie ver nie, net tot by Bloem en Winterton in Natal (met ‘n 2 dag trip na Winklespruit suid van Durban wat ons ook kon inpas). In die net bietjie meer as 2 weke het ons 102! nuwe voels gesien.

    ‘n Jaar later het ons ‘n 3 week Kruger Safari gedoen (10 dae in die park) en met nie minder as 126! lifers teruggekom. Twee agtereenvolgende centuries. Daardie eerste klomp dae in die park het ons elke dag so 10-15 nuwes gesien, dit was so lekker. Net jammer dit kan nie aanhou nie. Nou sukkel ek om lifers op te tel, het die laaste tyd gesukkel om uit die Kaap te kom vanwee ons 2 en 3 jarige kinders, dit sal hopelik beter gaan vorentoe want daar is nog baie ruimte op ons lys van net oor die 500.

    Maar julle moenie skaam wees om die LBJ’s te probeer leer ken nie. Ek sien hulle is relatief skaars op julle lyste.

    Geniet dit!
    Rassie Pretorius

  11. Thinus says:

    As the number of birds on this list picks up, I at last found some time to set up my official list of bird species seen so far. This list will only show the unique species I’ve seen and where I’ve seen them for the first time. (The so called ‘Life List’).

    Take a look and leave a comment if you find something interesting, name a cool place to go and explore, or just share something with us all about one of your special birds on your list.

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