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Vasbyt Hiking Trip

May 13th, 2007

Vasbyt Hiking Trail
Near: Mookgophong, Limpopo, South Africa
GPS: -24.39919, 28.44141
When: 2007-05-11 to 2007-05-13
Who: Thinus, Hendrik, Maatje, Jadrie, Francois, Etienne

Vasbyt Hiking TripOne of the 17 things I like about hiking with the Barnard’s is that you eat like a king! They picked me up after work and we set off on the 216km weekend-busy N1 Limpopo Highway while catching up on stories about work, school, girls and un-roadworthy-over-loaded taxis taking up all the safe-following-distance space. » Read more: Vasbyt Hiking Trip

Ezemvelo Hike

April 28th, 2007

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve Hiking Trail
Near: Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, South Africa
GPS: -25.70826, 28.93009
When: 2007-04-26 to 2007-04-28
Who: Thinus, Werner, Dries, Naas, Heleen, Ester, Elizna
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Ezemvelo HikeBeing our first organized hike for this year, the criteria was simple – be close by, short, easy and cheap. And that’s just the people we hoped would come and join us. (For the full criteria, see the comments below this post). Bottom line is – the long weekend was here and we were going hiking! » Read more: Ezemvelo Hike

Kloofing and Abseiling in Magaliesberg

September 15th, 2006

Fernkloof, Bergheim Holiday Resort
Near: Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
GPS: -25.79589, 27.32048
When: 2006-09-15 to 2006-09-17
Who: Thinus, Naas, Dries, Elizna, Marietta, Anculien, Stefan, Mariaan, Willie, Chris, Marco, Larry…

Kloofing and Abseiling in MagaliesbergWe’ve been long time overdue again for a bigger group weekend so that we can meet new people that’s eager to just get out. The issue was – to get people that you don’t know yet to go with you on a trip (and their parents to pay for it), you need to make it look like its organized. And if you wanna claim that its going to involve hiking in a gorge (aka kloofing) with backpack swimming in 2 degree mountain streams and abseiling down 30m cliffs, you need to proof (in triplicate) that there’s going to be someone with responsibility. » Read more: Kloofing and Abseiling in Magaliesberg

Suikerboschfontein Hike

April 23rd, 2006

Suikerboschfontein Hiking Trail
Near: Carolina, Mpumalanga, South Africa
GPS: -25.94798, 30.27607
When: 2006-04-22 to 2006-04-23
Who: Thinus, Naas, Stefan, Mariaan, Anculien, Elizna, Willie, Laetitia, Conrad, Chris, Petronel, Nico, Denise..

SuikerboschfonteinThis was a weekend hike on a farm near Carolina. The walking distance for day one is 10.2km, and day two 9.4km. The camp sites were very nicely equipped with warm water, fire places, and mattresses.

Being in Mpumalanga highveld, the cool air was an unpolluted clean blue, and the surroundings a healthy green, with springs of crystal clear water bubbling out everywhere from the ground in this deep gorge in the earth. » Read more: Suikerboschfontein Hike

Thabaphaswa Hike

September 16th, 2005

Thabaphaswa Hiking Trail
Where: Mokopane, Limpopo, South Africa
GPS: -24.063696, 29.051166
When: 2005-09-16 to 2005-09-18
Who: ThinusStefan, Mariaan, Naas, Elizna, Machiel, PJ, Ruan, Ester, Petronel, Laetitia, Madelyn

Thabaphaswa HikeAnother hiking trip in Limpopo. We are getting used to this massive long stretch of N1 highway straight up north, with its many expensive toll roads.

This hiking trail is on a farm near Mokopane (the old Potgietersrus). The owner of the farm stays close by and makes sure that everything is very neat and working – he has someone to bring wood to the campsites, there is running water, electricity for kettles, a refrigerator to use and maps put up at both camps. » Read more: Thabaphaswa Hike

Wolkberg Hike

June 24th, 2005

Wolkberg Wilderness Area
Near: Tzaneen & Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa
GPS: -24.04584, 30.00283
When: 2005-06-24 to 2005-06-27
Who: Thinus, Hendrik, Maatje, Retha, Lalie, Jadrie, Francois

The 2127m Wolkberg with its great, vertical quartzite krantzes, countless kloofs, cool, deep and densely forested ravines, massive buttresses and folded and interlocking spurs is part of the Drakensberg ranges. » Read more: Wolkberg Hike

Taaibos Hike

April 17th, 2005

Taaibos Hiking Trail
Near: Vaalwater, North West Province, South Africa
GPS: -24.18518, 27.86453
When: 2005-04-14 to 2005-04-16
Who: Thinus, Stefan, Mariaan, Ester, Joggie, Elizna, Ruan

Taaibos HikeThis is my first hiking/camping trip in a long time. Still some summer left, and the weather turned out great. Joggie, my brother, came with us on this trip, so it was the whole family, with Elizna, my sister included. The whole group was nice, and we met most of the people here for the first time Friday night next to the camp fire.

This is bushveld world, with thorn trees and dry landscape making up most of the scenery, until we saw the cliff! Man, I love cliffs, solid rock drop-offs or risers that just beg to climbed. Joggie and me were game and every time the group took a rest, we scaled up the closest rock wall. » Read more: Taaibos Hike