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Lunar Eclipse Traffic

August 1st, 2008

The Sky
Where: Southern Hemisphere
When: Most of August

81% covered

There’s a lot happening in the sky again this month (and no, Mars is still not getting any bigger, contrary to popular belief). Yet, mid August, Night will walk down the sky with the Moon in her hand.

Surely, a Lunar eclipse in a clear Winter sky will be worth staying up for. So pour a glass of Amarula Cream and go wait for it to happen on Saturday night the 16th from around 21:35 till 00:44. The climax (albeit just 81% cover) will be at 23:10 for us in Gauteng. » Read more: Lunar Eclipse Traffic

Moon Venus Saturn and Regulus

July 17th, 2007

The Sky
Where: Southern Hemisphere, Due West
When: 2007-07-17

For those who said goodbye to me last month because the moon and Venus were lining up “and it only happens once in something like 1000 years” – its time to dust off those “The end is here!” posters again… » Read more: Moon Venus Saturn and Regulus