A Kruger Getaway

August 16th, 2010 by Thinus No comments »

Pretoriuskop Camp, Kruger National Park
Near: Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa
GPS: -25.16949, 31.26876
When: 2007-06-23

Highveld Sunrise

Highveld Sunrise

Driving through a before-sunrise white wonderland of, well, frost, we made our way east to the Kruger National Park. We are very fond of our birthday getaways there and making this the new RAV’s first one, we’re sure that it would be as special and memorable… » Read more: A Kruger Getaway

Mouth open for the Openbill

January 4th, 2010 by Thinus No comments »
African Openbill

Openbill vs. Plover

Centurion with its disappearing wetlands and clinging on for dear life little rivers does indeed still have its welcome surprises:

I went mountain biking today, and on my way back drove past a small patch of water close to Eco Park Estate’s entrance. Here I saw a lost, but equally placid with its new Blacksmith Plover friends, African Openbill Stork.

With its large beak and separated mandibles touching only at the tip, it was doing its little bit to catch frogs which might make it strong and help it get of the IUCN endangered animals list.

I could get quite close to take a picture. This is my first time to see one, and I will check up on its welfare every time I cycle here.

Lunar Eclipse Traffic

August 1st, 2008 by Thinus 1 comment »

The Sky
Where: Southern Hemisphere
When: Most of August

81% covered

There’s a lot happening in the sky again this month (and no, Mars is still not getting any bigger, contrary to popular belief). Yet, mid August, Night will walk down the sky with the Moon in her hand.

Surely, a Lunar eclipse in a clear Winter sky will be worth staying up for. So pour a glass of Amarula Cream and go wait for it to happen on Saturday night the 16th from around 21:35 till 00:44. The climax (albeit just 81% cover) will be at 23:10 for us in Gauteng. » Read more: Lunar Eclipse Traffic

Europe Trip – St. Truiden, Leuven

March 14th, 2008 by Thinus 4 comments »

Where: St. Truiden & Leuven, Limburg en Vlaams-Brabant Provinsies, België
When: 2008-03-11 to 2008-03-14
Who: Thinus, Joseph

Die plan was oorspronklik om die name van biere wat ek drink hier te lys. Tog, al host ek self hierdie webwerf is die bandwydte beperk. Na 4 dae hier het die plan dus verander en rapporteer ek nou slegs dat België wel baie bier het! » Read more: Europe Trip – St. Truiden, Leuven

Europe Trip – Brussels

March 10th, 2008 by Thinus 1 comment »

Where: Brussels & Grimbergen, Vlaams-Brabant Provinsie, België
When: 2008-03-10
Who: Thinus, Joseph

€8 vir ‘n taxi of loop in ysreen vir 3km? Die keuse is heel maklik as jy dink hoeveel bier €8 kan koop. Wel, met R13/1€ dalk nie soo maklik. Maar daar is gerugte dat bier in België goedkoper is as Ierland, so ons besluit om te loop. Koud en nat kom ons 5:30 by Christa se woonstel om vandaar ‘n epos te stuur om vir ons volgende gasheer te sê dat ons wel oppad is. » Read more: Europe Trip – Brussels

Europe Trip – Getting to Dublin

March 9th, 2008 by Thinus 2 comments »

Where: Dublin, Ireland
When: 2008-03-07 – 2008-03-09
Who: Thinus, Joseph

My day started as old Noah’s – stuffing 2 of each kind of clothing I could find on my floor into my bag at 5 in the morning. By 6am I was ready enough to go to bed. Until 7. Then I woke up, got up, got dressed, realised I was still dreaming, woke up, got up, got dressed and went to a procurement meeting to try and build a pebblebed power station. » Read more: Europe Trip – Getting to Dublin

Europe Trip – The Start

March 7th, 2008 by Thinus 8 comments »

When: 2008-03-06
Who: Thinus, Joseph

The things that I agree to late at night while sitting next to a fire, Amarula in my hand, my buddy on the rock opposite me and only crickets and a nightjar in my ears…

3 months ago it sounded like a pretty good idea. Now, its 3:30am, my plane leaves in few hours, I still have an 8am meeting to attend and I haven’t packed a thing yet! Still, my “OK, lets do it!” is my “OK, lets do it!”, (whether sober or not), meaning 9 hours from now Joseph and me will be on our way to Europe! » Read more: Europe Trip – The Start

My Outings now on WordPress!!

September 2nd, 2007 by Thinus 3 comments »

So, its done! Welcome to my completely revamped Outings blog! It might even stay up to date this time. (Yah rite! :-) Remember to update your bookmarks, and subscribe to the RSS feed so you won’t miss a post. I’m now eagerly catching up on the last years reports, so come back regularly and check out the posts below this one. See here to find out more. » Read more: My Outings now on WordPress!!